This was a productive and experimental week.

First off, I’ve started the process of revisiting my Unreal Tournament III model of Epic founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney: all around bad-ass.

The original model was my first attempt at a complex game character that got Zbrush involved in the pipeline, so there are areas where the artistry wasn’t apparent, only the attempt at understanding the technology. A good first attempt, but not necessarily a good portfolio piece.

For instance, his low poly model was a bit too low poly in areas, and I cut out some of the silhouette details.


Although, his original design had a pretty boring silhouette anyway. That’s one of the big changes I will be experimenting with on this revisit. Here we have just a general pass with more details since it’s been long enough where I can look at this again with fresh eyes.

The surface details are certainly getting better, but the silhouette is still not amazing. I’ll be experimenting with further details as time goes on. Something to break up the symmetry more. Why are his Burger King attachments just stuck to him?! Tim needs appropriate holsters for each.

I’ll rework the low polygon mesh to accommodate the new clothing folds and extra details to make it more interesting to look at.


From there, I started thinking about the presentation.

Lighting matters. It’s an obvious statement, but I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to shrug it off when it comes time to work on the final presentation.

I started to mess around with the Xoliul shader for 3ds Max. It’s a great way to test game models quickly in the viewport.

The left image is the first pass at getting the plugin in to work with old assets. Not amazing, but when you compare it to something I threw together in UDK for my GDC portfolio, it becomes very apparent how much I fucked up the lighting in UDK. I washed out any real normal mapping details, destroyed some of the texture work, and made it apparent where my texture was really weak (the pants). Whoops.

I have my bearings and a new goal with this model. So, I’ll be continuing to work on this to make something I can be proud of.


Now for some miscellaneous stuff.

An experiment with Dynamesh.

And a commission for more Super Saiyan Koopa kids!