I posted some progress of Tim Sweeney over on Polycount, and I got some great feedback. So, I’m taking a step back and practicing in a variety of ways within ZBrush, getting more comfortable with the software and workflow, while learning a bit more on methods to accomplish some of the detailed pieces you can see in other galleries before tackling Tim’s model again.


Below are three speed sculpts in ZBrush for practice. All sculpted from a sphere.

Starting from a sphere is definitely good practice at understanding head anatomy better.

These are meant to be rough and incomplete. It’s valuable training for finding a good workflow and seeing the form better in each sculpt.

Hugo from Street Fighter III. Sans hair. About an hour.


Generic face. 30 minutes. This mainly functioned as a test to sculpt more realistic stuff quickly and without references.


“Walter White”. About 45 minutes. I’m debating whether or not I want to continue with this sculpt. Bryan Cranston has some great facial features in this role and I feel compelled to model them. I might play with it a bit down the road, after some more practice.

Mouths will definitely need some more focus moving forward.


Here are some of the changes to Sweeney before I stopped for a bit and started practicing with the images above and others.

High-poly mouse, modified shoulder strap and lanyard, BK bag holder and strap, modified legs/ankles.