More ZBrush practice. This time, spending a bit more time on one model and screwing around with Polypaint.


This guy is a sewer boss from Final Fantasy VII.

I’ve noticed I have a really good knack at making art from either lesser known games or of obscure characters within popular games. It’s about time I just embrace this.

I’m going to fix a few things up and practice some rendering techniques for next week so I can post a finished picture of this guy.


Piggy Prototype

My wife has been buying a bunch of porcelain piggy banks lately and painting them in the style of different game characters. She’s already done Mario, Link, and Peach. She’s looking to expand a bit, so we devised a little way for her to prototype some pig designs before committing anything to the physical pig. I made a 3D replica pig in the same design of the ones she has been buying in bulk. Now she can paint directly on to the virtual pig to test things out. Additionally, if I’m bored, I can sketch up some ideas. This is a Samus pig sketch.



Fantasia Arks – Reyth

I have a bit of progress to show on a game project I’ve been working on with some others. We’re putting together a prototype for a game based on an online graphic novel. It’s great practice for some cleaner stuff since I’m already great at making things rough and “ugly”.

The low poly face in progress with with the start of her hair.

Blocking out the armor.