First off, Reyth progress.

Textures are getting close to complete. She’s going to be used for some promotional stuff, so her model gets extra love. I’m probably being overcautious about some things, but people will always spot the little loose ends.

No texture on her hair yet. This is just the alpha as I figure out the best assortment of polys and UVs.

The base body textures are about where they should be. I just need to rough it up a little. Her armor is supposed to be fresh off the assembly line, so it will still need to look fairly pristine.




Secondly, I was working on a Bunnie Rabbot model for a while, with the rest of the Sonic game models from before, but the commissioner had a really hard time knowing what he wanted out of any of these models. I went through a bunch of revisions for Bunnie here especially. Eventually it got to the point where I wasn’t getting enough compensation for the commissioner’s indecisiveness that resulted in a lot of wasted time. We couldn’t reach an agreement and I won’t be able to complete this. Well, at least not anytime soon.

Not much of the model was optimized yet. I may revisit this idea using an original design down the road.