Expect to see a lot of this kind of work in the coming weeks as production moves into the engine.
I’ve been spending a lot of time running tests in the UDK for the kind of work that will be necessary during the later stages of production.

Keith, one of our programmers has been experimenting with the camera system and has this to show:

It’s constrained to the X/Y plane and is “the most impossible deathmatch game you’ll ever play” as bots can still run around in 3 dimensions and completely destroy you.

I threw together a very quick block model for Triceratops with a couple animations to make sure I understood the process when it comes time to bring in final content. Nothing below will be used in the final game, it’s just a throw away test.

Starting Tuesday, I will be partaking in another Crunch Week. I think this is number 4? I don’t know off hand, but I’ll check in time.
I’ve been preparing a bit for that and lining up some work so I can optimize my time.

See you Tuesday evening!