Crunch Week 05 – Day 6-ish.

I had to work my day job later than usual tonight, so I didn’t get as much time for crunching as I would like.
Rather than delay things further, I figured I’d use the time to do some much-needed updating to this site. As far as visible changes are concerned: galleries are updated, some weird pages have been fixed, and the right navigation is a bit rearranged. I also did some things behind the scenes to prep for some future features to this site.

When the Road to Epic is over, I’m going to take a couple weeks to prepare a demo reel and update my print portfolio. To kick start that in some small way, I made some efforts to bring Tim Sweeney into the UDK. The engine has changed significantly since the version used for Unreal Tournament 3, and I want to get a nice scene built with good lighting to show off the Sweeney model a lot better than what I currently have available. Since the model is heavily reliant on UT-specific materials and shading networks, the transition had some decent hurdles, but he made it.