I got into the Gears 3 Beta over the weekend by submitting my Tim Sweeney model to a small Twitter contest for why we deserve a Beta download code. I received this message:

@weephun Nice job man! Tim really thought that was funny! Enjoy! [Code]

A few days later, this Twitter message shows up from design director, Cliff Bleszinski:

@therealcliffyb Oh my god. Someone built Epic founder Tim Sweeney as a game character. Mind = blown. http://bit.ly/eHkRuS

This is awesome as hell. I’m glad the Epic crew seems to be enjoying it, and they found the humor in it.
Now I think I need to work on some of the other team members…

Edit: Joystiq picked it up: http://www.joystiq.com/2011/04/25/epic-games-tim-sweeney-turned-into-a-game-character/