I rigged up the latest test model and used the default UT animset included with UDK to get Triceratops in game and scale things appropriately.

Keith tweaked the camera and got the player jumping at the correct heights.
Marty got the Xbox analog aiming working.
On top of the visual stuff, I tied up the enemy deaths with the XP system mentioned last week.

His arms are clipping through his body due to recycling the UT animations.

Also, the Tim Sweeney model getting noticed by Epic brought a good spike in traffic, and, for shits and giggles, I started doodling a little idea for a CliffyB model in the Gears universe.
Since Dinosaurs with Guns is the highest priority, I probably won’t have time to go far with it, but the idea will exist on the backburner if I have any down time.