Crunch Week 06 – Day 7

The majority of the night was spent writing out some detailed information on the combat system for programmers Marty and Keith to start toying around with.
With the rest of the evening, I tried to wrap up the Triceratops textures and UDK materials, taking into consideration some comments from yesterday’s post.
He’s done for now. This is more than enough for a prototype.
If production continues after this, I’ll spend more time fixing up any weak elements.

Here he is running in the test level. His arms are still broken, though; Marty is looking into it.
Keep in mind that the lighting hasn’t been touched beyond one direction light. So, he’s displaying darker than we will be in the final product.
Other than that, it’s all coming together nicely. Seeing content in game is the ultimate motivator.

This wraps up Crunch Week 06. Check back Sunday night for the next update.
I’m going to sleep.