Ok, there has been a shift in how I am handling Dinosaurs with Guns in the timeframe of the Road to Epic. The two programmers that have been helping don’t have enough free time to meet my original goals, and I don’t have enough time to start a new search for help. So, instead of focusing on gameplay, I’m going to put my effort into making the game look really nice. It will still be navigable from a side-scrolling perspective and control similar to how I documented earlier, but there won’t be any kind of advanced or unique combat at this time.

So, to kick off this new direction, I’ve started laying out and experimenting with getting the environment built.
Here are some terrain and texture painting tests.
Additionally, I spent some time learning SpeedTree and how it integrates with the UDK. This is all stuff that will improve over time with original assets.

I just cannibalized one of the default emitters to fit my current needs.