The next few months are going to be mostly design updates which will contain plenty of spoilers. I don’t want people looking forward to being surprised by the game to suffer, so I will be hiding most of the content behind these spoiler boxes. Just click them to expand the spoiler area. Please leave a comment if this method works out for you, or if you would prefer the content to be displayed in some other way.
Also, please refrain from reading comments, if you wish to avoid spoilers. They’re likely to be posted in there.

I also want to introduce Marc Balgobin as the newest member of the team. He will be helping me out with the game design and concept art as we move forward. I’m rebuilding the team after the prototype and am still on the lookout for a programmer. If you know anybody who may be willing to help in that department or any other part of development, send me an email at

Non-spoiler summary:
4 Stage designs in progress
4 bosses in progress
2 new items

Always remember that the content I am posting is work in progress. Things will change as the designs are fine-tuned and we determine our workload. It’s entirely possible that certain ideas simply won’t work and they could be scrapped. Don’t get too attached.


Just to be clear, this is all extreme shorthand of the full design doc.

Every stage needs a distinct feel to it to remain viable. There will be no “filler” stages. Introduce new gameplay elements gradually over the course of the game and bring them back in new combinations in the later stages.
Stage 1 – Jungle
Part 1- The Gun Meteor impacts and sets the jungle ablaze. You must outrun the destruction while combating the other, equally confused dinosaurs who have recently come into contact with the guns being introduced everywhere.
Part 2 – The megalodon chases you down a lengthy dirt slope, hot on your heels. Survive the obstacles while dealing damage to keep yourself far enough ahead to make it the bottom of the slope safely.
Part 3 – Continue your venture towards the safety of the coast.
Boss – Megalodon

Stage 2 – Inside the Megalodon
Part 1 – After being eaten, you’re immediately thrown into a fight with the teeth of the megalodon as he tries to eat you. Deal damage to the teeth to knock them out and give yourself a place to hide when he bites.
Part 2 – You’re swallowed and must make your way through the dark insides of the megalodon. A bio-luminescent algae provides light as you go. Submerging yourself in pools of the algae gives you a consumable inventory item that allows you place the algae wherever you wish to illuminate your own path.
Boss Fakeout – Partially digested dinosaur confrontation. Pursues the player at various points throughout the level. Hides in the stomach acids.
Part 3 – Hesitant to continue through the digestive system, you shoot your way through to other parts of the body, looking for a way out.
Boss – Emerging back into the end of the digestive system, near the sphincter, or the equivalent on a shark, the partially digested dinosaur confronts you for real this time. Low levels of light. Only pools of algae provide you with the consumable light you need to see what you’re shooting.

Stage 3 – Wastelands
Part 1 – The destruction is still raining down on the outside and the megalodon acts as a fallout shelter for the player. The damage is dealt to the megalodon though, and he is destroyed. The player escapes through a convenient whole in the megalodon’s side to venture out in the wastelands to fight marauder dinosaurs.
Part 2 – Introduce pterodactyls for the player to grab on to and glide.
Boss Part 1 – Anklyosaurus Zepplin – Clusters of pterodactyls allow a gigantic Anklyosaurus decked out in warship armaments to become airborn. Go after him and bring him down. Remove the packs of pterodactyls to bring the Anklyosaurus closer to the ground. Reach the head by riding on a pterodactyl. On your way to the head, destroy as many of the Anklyosaurus’ guns as you can for extra experience points.
Boss Part 2 – Attack the captain of the pterodactyls
Boss Part 3 – Anklyosaurus Grounded – Landing head first, and now immobile, finish off the beast while dealing with the remaining armaments aimed directly at you.

Stage 4 – The Lab
Part 1 – Make your way into the abandoned facility. Very few enemy encountered. This is mostly atmospheric.
Part 2 – Discover the mutations. Fight off hordes of unarmed dinosaur mutations. It’s all about survival against sheer numbers.
Part 3 – Time lab
Boss – ??
Acquire the spider pack?

Stage 5 and onward are still being determined.

The spider pack will allow the player to climb walls and ceilings.

If you didn’t think the game was weird before, we have plenty more in store.

Here are just a selection of random brainstorming scribbles Marc and I came up with while experimenting on a collaborative online whiteboard. If you can understand them, great. But I’m thinking they’ll only make sense to us.