I spent a portion of this week seeking out more talent to help. We now have animator Fred Castonguay on board. A level designer and audio designer are in negotiations currently.
Dive into the Spoiler below for some more concepts.


I’ve started to plot out the attacks for the enemies to determine just how many animation sets we’ll need, and that will help me decide what cuts need to be made. Every boss will have 3 attack states: a vigor state, a fatigue state, and a desperation state. Their attack patterns will change accordingly. I won’t post those just yet, as they’re incomplete, but I’ll have some of that for next week.
For now:
Sawtooth. A dinosaur with chainsaws for teeth!

“Laboratory” End Boss – Rift Beast

I gave this thing a story to try and justify the more outrageous features at its disposal. Its abilities are a large part of the game from that point onward. It’s kind of tragic for an over-the-top action game, so it may not be used.

Due to its lack of mobility, all attacks are dealt through opening time rifts.
“A dinosaur used for a variety of experimentations, this enslaved creature appears more pitiful than dangerous, at first glance.

Modified beyond recognition, the beast has undergone severe mutilation and experimentation for science. It has technically died 9 times, but through the efforts of the lab team, the Rift Beast has been imbued with regenerative health to keep it alive for many more tests.
Stemming from this regenerative health breakthrough, the methods of cellular control used to keep the Rift Beast alive were further engineered in an attempt to control the aging of its cells through localized time-disrupting rifts.

With the inaugural test of these new theories, using the Rift Beast as a subject, the experiment was deemed a failure beyond their investments and the beast was ordered to be quarantined and disregarded.
However, the experiment did work. Its effects were just not immediately apparent, and neither was the potential truly understood.
For years, the Rift Beast remained, unable to die. The most recent cellular modifications grew and multiplied at an exponential rate inside the creature.
Reacting to hardware implants, the Rift Beast progressively developed the ability and learned to open portals, allowing it to distort time and extend its reach outside of its quarantine. The mental and physical torment drove it mad and led it to destroy the facility.”

“Wastelands” End Boss – Zeppelin
A concept by Marc.

A doodle of the Inside of Megalodon fight.