There aren’t going to be any cinematics in this game, but there will be a story integrated into the gameplay. As I continue to flesh out the design doc, I ran through and compiled the little story pieces we had littered around into one big lump of continuity.
And the rest of the week was spent on more back-end stuff.

This contains pretty much all of the story-related spoilers.


A meteor comprised entirely of guns and weaponry breaks through the atmosphere of 65million B.C. Earth. Impacting a volcano and causing an eruption that belches out smoke and armaments across the globe, you, being in the nearby vicinity, are hit with a stray machine gun, instantly triggering the evolution necessary to wield the gun. Thumbs, mostly.
With newfound purpose, you venture forward to outrun the apocalypse brought forth from the gun meteor impact. Along the way, you encounter several other dinosaurs who are either running for their lives or, have recently acquires guns themselves, firing back at you with terrible accuracy. Without much resistance, you push onward towards the coastline. However, along the way, attention has been brought to yourself in the form of a very hungry and persistent Megalodon. Preying on the chaos, the Megalodon has been getting easy meals since the eruption. You manage to outrun his pursuit down a waterfall, through the lava flows brought on my doomsday, and finally to the coastline.
After a stupendous battle and dealing a deadly blow with guns over teeth, you stand triumphantly, albeit overconfident. The Megalodon isn’t quite dead and proceeds to swallow you with its last bit of strength.
Your only choice now is to make your through the digestive system of your captor. Utilizing bio-luminescent algae to light the way, battle against partially digested dinosaurs and acidic fluids within the Megalodon to make your way to the only natural exit.
Thankfully, before having to squeeze your way out of a terrible predicament, the shark offers one violent shake and its side is torn away by fire and wind.
Confused but relieved, you emerge through the now-gaping hole to find that you have beached on a neighboring desert coast. The end of the world has quickly set the denizens to marauder-mode. Battle your way through the wastelands against increasingly-more threatening dinosaur opposition. They’ve learned to use guns much more efficiently, and, of course, have subsequently learned to stockpile them. Combat the marauders as they harness beasts of burden. Ride the air streams atop a pterodactyl and catch up with the massive Anklyosaurus airship that seeks to wage war on whoever stands in its way. Your guns convince the airship that the sky is no place for a beast of this size, and, gravity, being the bastard it is, grabs hold of the Anklyosaurus, putting him in his rightful place. But before the downed airship can call in its last chips, it self destructs and blows a whole into the side of a mountain, revealing a buried laboratory and a suspicious amount of technology for 65 million B.C.
Ever curious, you press on.
The voice-activated doors easily let you in to explore the lab. There doesn’t seem to be much going on though. Traversing hallways aimlessly and often the same hallway again and again, you notice there is more to this place than originally thought. Small rifts keep popping up that send you to different moments in time, but in the same location. Shortly after this revelation, you discover this lab is also home to various mutations and experiments with the local dinosaur lifeforms. In the center of the lab lives the exceedingly angry Rift Beast, who, through an unknown number of experimentations, has gained the ability to open up localized time rifts, sending parts of its body to any location it needs to destroy you.
After cutting the Rift Beast’s head off with its own rift, you are sucked into the open rift and sent through time.

First stop: the Ice Age.
For a dinosaur, you have pretty amazing traction in the snow and ice, so no need to worry about sliding all over the place.
Without your charming affect on evolution, the mammals are slowing rising in ranks. It’s time to shove your prehistoric foot up their furry backsides. Pursue the largest mammal you can find to send a message back to the others. Sure, his corpse may not be able to talk, but the message comes across all the same. With that mission accomplished, what now?
Wandering past the mammal’s hideout reveals the frozen head of the Rift Beast you killed oh so many years ago. It’s encased in thick layers of ice, but you could swear it’s a bit bigger. Oh well. In a convenient stroke of luck, a small rift opens up. You are pulled in and continue your fight.

Second stop: medieval
Your influence in the ice age ensured dinosaur survival. Now witness the rise of dinosaur religion.
You’re immediately thrown atop the back of the world’s last unicorn. It’s just unfortunate they’re so tiny. Gallop through the countryside fighting off hordes of crusaders on your way to the castle town. At the exterior walls you are confronted by a “dragon”. This defensive creature is a pteranodon fitted with an experimental flame thrower and trained to fight off any intruders. Making the ultimate sacrifice, your unicorn companion clogs the the barrel of the flamethrower, ensuring you reach your goal. With the unicorn’s death, mammals are gone for good. So sad.
Make your way into to the church built around the Rift Beast’s head. Now thawed, you can clearly see the head has changed. Tendrils have sprouted off in every direction and firmly planted itself in the new environment.
In a stunning twist, certainly not predicted by anybody, Raptor Jesus makes his appearance, not about to be outdone by a mutant head as a religious icon.

Third stop: modern era
The Rift Beast’s influence is becoming more apparent. Small time rifts are opening up all over the reptilian equivalent of New York City. These rifts send the player to different stereotypical eras such as the 20s, 50s, 70s, and 80s. The Rift Beast is now consciously impeding your progress. The populous is running scared at the increasing powers being put on display by the Rift Beast. However, large corporations have discovered ways to profit off the Beast and the faithful. They have since fortified the area where the Rift Beast lies. Hijack the Statue of Lizardy (derp) and break through the defenses on your way to punching that bastard in his ancient face. In a desperate last attempt, the Rift Beast opens up a portal before you can deal too much damage.

Fourth stop: the future
Clearly concerned and buying itself more time, the Rift Beast sends you to the future where it’s power has reached such alarming potential, the world has united in quarantining the head through extreme methods. A time barrier has been developed to prevent the beast from extending its reach outside the walls of its confines. Citizens are all willing to sacrifice their lives to ensure the beast is never released. You see this as a challenge. Shoot your way into the quarantine area and disable the barriers. Your drive towards killing the biggest beast to have ever existed may have driven you to insanity.
With the barriers disabled, witness the true power as the Rift Beast battles you through time. With each passing era, the beast reveals more and more of itself that was previously harbored underground to present a truly colossal foe. Continue your conquest to turn the Rift Beast into a bullet sponge.

Final stop: space!
Outmatched, the Rift Beast attempts to buy more time and escapes into space by opening a monumental rift and crawling through. It’s time, with the help of Doc Beige, to finish him off for good. Grab a seat on the the giant ball of guns attached to a rocket conveniently hidden underneath the beast’s chamber and blast off through the rift after the him! Give it everything you’ve got. You have all the guns of the world at your disposal.
Upon the beast’s death, it implodes into a black hole, leaving a final rift open. Despite your best non-efforts to avoid it, you are pulled in. This last portal sends you back to 65 million B.C., speeding towards Earth. Crap. You are what started all of this. Well, ride your meteor to victory and into the heart of that volcano. Your sacrifice ensures the survival of the dinosaurs and your eventual death. Again and again.