First up, the T-Rex model is done, for now, and the UVs are unwrapped. I opted not to start the textures just yet. I want to get it set up with a basic rig and test it beforehand. As I mentioned a couple updates ago, this is a new body type for me. I’m not sure how the skin deformation will look with the topology I currently have laid out. I’m sure there there are some inefficient loops yet to be discovered.


As for the bulk of the update for tonight: the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) is around the corner, and I will be attending again this year. I want to get my portfolio together to talk with the folks at Epic, and many other studios who have their booths up in the Career Pavilion. I’ve sifted through all my work and picked out what I thought were my strongest pieces. They are arranged below in the rough order I intend to have them in my portfolio.

Throughout January, I will be compiling high resolution copies of all these pictures, re-rendering and finishing some of the 3D ones, and putting together 2 variations of a print portfolio. One will be of large size for display purposes. The other will be a pocket version that I can give out.

Images with a red border indicate that they are currently incomplete. Changes need to be made before they are can go in the portfolio.

What do you think of the selection? Would you agree with the choices or do you feel some should be removed/added? Please let me know in the comments below.





Texture and Design





Dinosaurs with Guns