A light week as I prep for the holidays.

First up, I was doing some ZBrush practice. I found a nice drawing of Earthworm Jim (here) and did a quick sculpt interpretation.

My compositing and rendering still needs a good amount of work, but I’m happy with how sculpts are going.

Then, I started working on a mod for Serious Sam 3. I want to redesign and replace the Biomechanoid Major enemy with an enemy that was featured in Serious Sam 2. The T-Mech. I’m completely updating the design of the original T-Mech to fit in with the aesthetics of SS3. It’s a good excuse to design something with a bunch of machine details for a portfolio piece. This is going to become another lengthy piece where I take my time and show all the steps along the way. I can’t stray too far from the proportions of the Biomechanoid since this new model has to fit over the existing rig.


Rough concept 1

You can scroll through the changes between versions easily by clicking the image and going back and forth with the arrow keys.


Rough concept 2


Rough concept 3


And a merger of some of my favorite elements with a first pass of color to get some ideas out there.




Bonus content: nerd cookies that I made with my wife.