I made a Kuato costumeĀ (from Total Recall) for Halloween this year. It was the first time I tried making something like this, so I documented some of the progress.


First off, I layered Sculpy on to the face and body of a generic baby doll. Here I am sculpting the mouth area in some bitchin turtle pants.

First pass of the face

The mostly finished head before I painted it.


A fairly sizable jump in progress here. His body was cut and molded in a few places. Fingers were cut, arm was replaced.

I painted things in layers, starting with the blood vessels, then any redder areas. Finally lightly brushed over the whole thing to lighten it up and match my skin tone.


Gloss coat and the added hair. You can see the cut fingers on his left hand.

He’s sewn to an elastic band that will go around my waist.


Attached and out in the wild.


I won a Scariest Costume award for the “demon baby” costume.


Now, something not Kuato related, I gave myself a strict hour to speed sculpt a a face. Can you recognize him? If not, the answer is in the tags for this post.